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About draft beer

Bière pression

The kegs should not be rolled but carried.

Draught beer should be stored in a cool place.

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Benefits of MADIBA


It is the ally of the bones, teeth, blood clotting, nerve transmissions, and of course, growth. Madiba by its calcium (Ca) promotes the prevention of osteoporosis, fight against insomnia, cramps. Our average daily requirements are about 600 mg for children, 900 mg for adults and 1200 mg for the elderly.

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Difference between draft beer and bottled beer

Biere pression UCB- Bottled Beer-

Beer in bottles must be pasteurized (the bottles are immersed in hot water at 62 ° C). This pasteurization, which is necessary to increase the duration of consumption of beer unfortunately decreases its natural taste.

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