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It is the ally of the bones, teeth, blood clotting, nerve transmissions, and of course, growth. Madiba by its calcium (Ca) promotes the prevention of osteoporosis, fight against insomnia, cramps. Our average daily requirements are about 600 mg for children, 900 mg for adults and 1200 mg for the elderly.


Anti-fatigue, anti-stress, anxiolytic, magnesium (Mg) is involved in nervous equilibrium. It also plays a role in growth, as it helps to fix the calcium in bones. Our average daily requirements are of the order of 330 mg for girls and women and 480 mg for adolescents, men and seniors.


Potassium (K) regulates the distribution of water in the body. He is also involved in regulating blood pressure. A diet rich in potassium helps to decrease. It intervenes in the transmission of nerve impulses, preventing kidney stones or the limitation of cramps in athletes.


Sodium (Na) is the regulator of our body fluid. It also regulates the transmissions nerveurses between our nerves and muscles. It is also effective against cramps, lack of appetite, confusion in the elderly. Madiba this insurance to provide the necessary amount for everyone because excess harmed.


Bicarbonates aid digestion and act on the acid-base balance of our cells. Madiba bankrupt on intestinal transit.


The chlorides are components of intracellular fluid. Waters rich in chloride are used in spa therapy.